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Latest sightings

  • Sightings in bold are marked as such to note either rarity, a high number counted, or an unusual date
  • For a complete Excel spreadsheet list of the 81 species seen so far in 2020 click here.
  • Bird Sightings, including your pictures, can be reported to this page using the LWT WhatsApp group or via
  • Click on photos for a larger version.
  • For the time being no names will be shown against any sightings

May 28th
Lea Farm GP – 8 Mandarin Duck female and 7 ducklings swimming upstream by Green Bridge
Lavell’s Lake – Redshank on the Bittern hide bund
Black Swan Lake – Mistle Thrush on the old Golf course

Redshank on Lavell’s Lake – Geoff Emmett

May 27th
Lavell’s Lake – 4 Little Egret on the Bittern hide bund seen through gaps in green fence

May 25th
Lavell’s Lake – 4+ Reed Warbler in reeds next to tarmac path, Little Egret in Wet Meadow then on scrape, 8 Gadwall on bund

May 24th
Lea Farm GP – Common Gull
Lavell’s Lake – Kestrel, Hobby, Swallow thru, Bullfinch, Skylark over landfill, Garden Warbler, Nuthatch all seen in the Car Park field, Little Egret on the Wet Meadow, Whitethroat in the Wet Meadow
Black Swan Lake – 75+ Swift

May 22nd
Lavell’s Lake – Hobby overhead around tall Poplars near Teal hide

May 21st
Lea Farm GP – Hobby circling high up and heading towards Dinton, Peregrine, Lesser Whitethroat rattling from hedgerow just north of old bridge past Ron’s Hide, Cuckoo calling just north of old bridge
Lavell’s Lake – Sparrowhawk, 2 Sedge Warbler, Blackcap male, Cuckoo

May 20th
Lavell’s Lake – 2+ Kingfisher active along the Loddon
Black Swan Lake – Little Egret

May 19th
Black Swan Lake – Mandarin Duck drake by the duck feeding area

Drake Mandarin Duck on Black Swan Lake – Alison Tipping’s Husband!

May 18th
Black Swan Lake – Mandarin Duck drake by the duck feeding area, Mistle Thrush collecting insects

May 17th
Lea Farm GP – Kestrel
Lavell’s Lake – Hawfinch flew over Car Park low west calling, 2 Oystercatcher seen through small gaps in screening, 2 Hobby over, Lesser Whitethroat in the Car Park field
Black Swan Lake – Oystercatcher just flew over opposite old golf course

May 16th
Lea Farm GP – Oystercatcher, Great White Egret over the Old Loddon near Ron’s Hide
Lavell’s Lake – Cuckoo showed very well along Loddon, Kingfisher up and down river
Black Swan Lake – 35+ Swift

May 15th
Lavell’s Lake – Hobby over, Gadwall drake on the Wet Meadows, Little Egret on the Wet Meadows, Little Grebe on the Balancing Pool, Song Thrush in full song
Sandford Lake – 3 Common Tern on south island
Black Swan Lake – Lesser Whitethroat singing on south island

Song Thrush in full song at Lavell’s Lake – Geoff Emmett

May 14th
Sandford Lake – Hobby over heading towards Dinton and Lavell’s

May 13th
Sandford Lake – 2 Grey Wagtail on Sandford Bridge

May 3rd
Black Swan Lake – Shelduck in the south bay, Shoveler male

May 2nd
Lavell’s Lake – 5+ Garden Warbler, Cuckoo

April 29th
Black Swan Lake – 9 Swift, 80+ Sand Martin and Swallow, Common Sandpiper flying around west side probably on Goat Island

April 28th
Black Swan Lake – 300+ Sand Martin, Swallow and House Martin, Hobby chasing, 13 Common Tern moving around

April 26th
Lea Farm GP – 2 Kingfisher flying upstream on the Loddon past the Green Bridge
Black Swan Lake – 6 Common Terns

April 25th
Black Swan Lake – Wheatear on the old Golf Course

April 24th
Sandford Lake – 2 Cuckoo male and female this morning

April 19th
Lea Farm GP – Cuckoo calling constantly for over an hour, 2 Garden Warbler on the Loddon footpath just north of the hide
Black Swan Lake – 3 Swift over south end of lake

April 18th
Lea Farm GP – 2 Oystercatcher on island seen through hedge from the Loddon footpath
Lavell’s Lake – Lesser Whitethroat calling from the Car Park field, Reed Warbler left hand side before hide, Whitethroat heard at the back of the scrape, Sedge Warbler heard from main island reed bed, 3 Wheatear on the landfill seen from the bottom of the Car Park field
Black Swan Lake – 40+ Swallow on wires behind the Activity Centre and over the lake, Yellow Wagtail over north, Grey Wagtail on the jetty

April 17th
Lea Farm GP – Cuckoo near Lodge Wood, Common Tern, 7 Shoveler off north long before sun up
Lavell’s Lake – Lesser Whitethroat calling from middle copse then flew to Blackthorn by big Hawthorn, Reed Warbler near to Bittern hide, on left before hide

April 15th
Lea Farm GP – Cuckoo heard along the Loddon
Black Swan Lake – 2 Mandarin Duck male and female
Middle Marsh – Whitethroat

April 14th
Black Swan Lake – Oystercatcher flew to old golf course to feed

April 13th
Black Swan Lake – 10+ Sand Martin, 5+ Swallow, 2 House Martin at south end and over picnic area

April 12th
Lavell’s Lake – Willow Warbler seen around the top of the Car Park Field

April 9th
Lea Farm GP – 16 Sand Martin seen from the footpath

April 3rd
Lea Farm GP – 20+ Redwing heading north, 3 Fieldfare, 4 Sand Martin, 2 Little Egret over, Blackcap and Chiffchaff in abundance all seen from the footpath