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News & Events

Vandalism & Antisocial behaviour at Bittern Hide

We are urging everyone to call the police on 999 if you witness anyone taking drugs, under age drinking, or vandalizing any hides. Bittern hide has been targeted many times so far in 2017 and the police have been met with and plans discussed. The latest incident was the evening of 26th April and the … read more

Bittern hide access 7/10/16

Apologies for the late notice, but this sign was spotted at Lavell’s Lake LNR today.

Bridge repairs completed

The past two weeks has seen bridge repairs completed on two bridges in Dinton Pastures that were deemed to be unsafe. The major repair was on the bridge over the River Loddon, connecting Mortimer’s Meadow to White Swan Lake. This work had been planned for some time, but damage to the railings had resulted in … read more

Ron Bryant hide construction

Whilst this is nothing like ‘latest news’ it is certainly ‘news worthy’, as Ron Bryant has made available to FOLL his photos showing the construction of the hide at Lea Farm GP. As you can see from these photos, everything started smoothly enough when work began in September 2009. However, no one had predicted that … read more

Dinton Activity Centre changes

The car park at the Dinton Activity Centre (former sailing club) on Sandford Lane has a very different look about it, with the addition of a new fence and kissing gate at the south end. This is part of fencing off an ‘activities area’ adjacent to the centre’s building and the other noticeable addition is … read more

Lea Farm Tern rafts update

Five years ago Ron Bryant and a team of helpers built the rafts which can be seen on the water at Lea Farm GP, with the purpose of providing somewhere for Common Terns to breed during the summer. Whilst this has been partially successful, there has been a tendency for Black-headed Gulls to populate the … read more

Tree planting at Lea Farm GP

As part of the OVO Energy tree planting initiative, FOLL were joined by The Conservation Volunteers – Berkshire (TCV) on their January 2016 work party. TCV supplied over 200 berry bearing shrubs, which were planted alongside the hedge next to the public footpath on the River Loddon. These shrubs should provide a good source of … read more

Lavell’s car park closure

Lavell’s car park is closed on January 28th & 29th due to a film crew setting up there for those two days. A FOLL member was told they are filming a jam commercial in one of the houses opposite Hurst Grove. Film crew take over the car park

FOLL bird news update

The WhatsApp based bird news service is proving to be successful, with several users regularly contributing their sightings of rare/uncommon species from around Dinton Pastures CP and Lea Farm GP. This has taken the onus away from Fraser to provide all the bird news, as was the case with the Twitter based service, whilst also … read more

FOLL Annual General Meeting

This year’s FOLL AGM will be held at 19.30 on Tuesday 19th January at the Emmbrook Room in the Dinton Pastures main car park on Davis Street, Hurst. All FOLL members are welcome and more details can be found on the ‘Events’ page.