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News & Events

New FOLL rare bird news service

16/9/15 Following problems with the old FOLL rare bird news service, which was based around Twitter, a decision was made to trial another system, this time utilising the WhatsApp smartphone messaging application. Subscribers will need to install Whatsapp and inform Fraser so that he can make the appropriate arrangements and check that payment has been … read more

Memorial bench and new sign

The footpath to Bittern hide had two new features added in 2015. FOLL installed a memorial bench alongside the path and Dinton Pastures Countryside Services have updated the Lavell’s Lake sign. The bench contains inset memorial plaques for long standing FOLL members Peter Banks (former group secretary), Elizabeth Watts and Frank Gilder, all of whom … read more

Lea Farm GP feeder stand

18/8/15 Ron Bryant has been busy again and this time he’s built a superb feeder stand, which was installed close to the hide on 18th August 2015. The mark 1 version didn’t prove to be quite as squirrel proof as he’d hoped, but in no time at all Ron was back with mark 2, now … read more

Wincor-Nixdorf Viewing Screen installed

15/5/2015 Volunteers from Wincor Nixdorf Ltd in Bracknell built a viewing screen on the north side of Sandford Lake, as part of their company‚Äôs Community Volunteering Initiative. The objective of this initiative is supporting local charities and communities. This screen is a welcome addition and complements the existing bird hide on the south side of … read more