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Latest News

First Night Heron in Berkshire for 33 years visits Lea Farm Lake & Dinton Pastures

Early morning 8th August a juvenile Night Heron, also known as Black-crowned Night Heron flew over low over Lea Farm Lake towards Dinton Pastures, but could not be found. Being crepuscular – active at twilight, it was probably heading to an unknown roost. 2 days later a local resident sent Fraser Cottington a picture of … read more

Blue ringed Common Tern data

A blue ringed Common Tern E07, was seen throughout July, but it took me several attempts to get a good enough look at the ring to see the number. I have now checked and it is actually one of our own young hatched and fledged here in 2011. The cr-birding page provides all the data. … read more

Booking to use Ron Bryant hide at Lea Farm Lake

We have created a booking system to use Ron’s hide to meet Government guidelines, social distancing, keeping occupant levels to 2 households and maximum 4 people, plus trace and track. Members have to log in to see the link

GoFundMe fund raising portal launched for new hide at Lea Farm Lake

Fraser Cottington launched a GoFundMe page to help raise money to pay for the new hide we really want to build overlooking the new marsh and reed bed at Lea Farm Lake’s North East bay. Created 23rd July, generous donations have poured in from members and people wishing to remain anonymous too, as of today … read more

Final count down to Network Rail project commencing

LWT volunteers were out in force Sunday 26th July preparing the Lea Farm Lake site for the diggers, marking out with tall pegs what must stay, what must be avoided and there is more work to be done 9th August after the grass areas behind the existing reed beds has been cut. Then 17th August … read more

Colour Ringed Little Egret history

I have received information about an orange colour ringed Little Egret seen at Lea Farm Lake 26th June. It was ringed as a ‘pulli’ 10th May 2019 at Stanborough Lakes, was then seen 16th August at Moor Green 2019 and then at our lake 414 days after it was ringed,  some 58 kilometres from it’s … read more

GoFundMe fund raising campaign for Lea Farm Lake North Spit Hide

LWT launched a fund raising campaign using GoFundMe platform as a simple, efficient way to raise £20,000 to go towards a new hide overlooking the Network Rail funded Phragmites reed beds and marsh, which commences 17th August. LWT has around £8,000, but we need at least £20,000 to cover everything else, this campaign is live … read more

Ron’s Hide at Lea Farm Lake re-opened

Following the latest government advice we have now re-opened Ron’s hide at Lea Farm, but under a strict booking only basis to members so that we can  limit numbers for social distancing and to manage track and trace. The maximum people allowed at any one time is 4 people from 2 households The remaining hides … read more

Colour ringed Lesser Black-backed Gull news

Another colour ringed gull – Blue ring B=W, was seen 21st June and a Bristol ringer named Peter Rock came back with news of it being ringed at the nest (no exact location but around Bristol) 24th June 2019. So a minimum of 83 miles in a straight line. Getting ring numbers can create another … read more

Lea Farm Lake – Hedgerow vandalised and sprayed with weed killer

Sad news that someone has cut 4-5 holes in the hedgerow at different points between the hide and the green bridge and even worse, then sprayed weed killer at each cut, the end result has been mass die back of nettles and shrubs. This kind of act is hard to fathom, accept or explain, because … read more