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Latest News

Colour ringed Lesser Black-backed Gull news

Another colour ringed gull – Blue ring B=W, was seen 21st June and a Bristol ringer named Peter Rock came back with news of it being ringed at the nest (no exact location but around Bristol) 24th June 2019. So a minimum of 83 miles in a straight line. Getting ring numbers can create another … read more

Lea Farm Lake – Hedgerow vandalised and sprayed with weed killer

Sad news that someone has cut 4-5 holes in the hedgerow at different points between the hide and the green bridge and even worse, then sprayed weed killer at each cut, the end result has been mass die back of nettles and shrubs. This kind of act is hard to fathom, accept or explain, because … read more

Common Tern colony thriving

With Covid-19 making it impossible for our members to enjoy the hides, offering any views into Lea Farm Lake has been impossible. It is still important to LWT that our members know the work of just a few has made a big and positive impact, the raft that was repaired and towed out by Alan … read more

Colour ringed Herring Gull news

On 7th of June, I was carrying out my usual security check of the hide, checking on Common Tern colony and carrying out a general quick check of everything. All spring an increasing number of Herring and Lesser Black-backed Gulls have been loafing on the shingle island from 06:00. This time a 3CY Herring Gull … read more

Lea Farm Lake habitat development project starts

Now that Lea Farm lake and its surroundings have been acquired by the Trust we are now in a position to invest in some large scale habitat creation. With support from the Trust for Oxfordshire Environment and with generous funding from the Network Rail’s “No Net Loss of Biodiversity on the Greater West” Programme, we … read more

Waitrose Green Token Scheme

LWT’s fourth donation from the Waitrose green token scheme has just been received. A wonderful £310 from Wokingham. Thanks to members who shopped there, this is a sizable addition to our funds.

Lea Farm Lake acquisition completed

We are hugely grateful to trustee Ron Bryant, who purchased Lea Farm Lake from Summerleaze Holdings last year and has now gifted it to Lavell’s Wetland Trust. This is a key step in fulfilling the Trust’s vision of a protected wetland corridor through the lower Loddon valley.  Owning the lake gives LWT the confidence to … read more

YouTube Videos from Fraser Cottington

Fraser Cottington is now running a YouTube channel about the birds at Dinton, Lavell’s and Lea Farm Lake. Visiting most mornings, he makes new videos about the latest birds, lasting between 4 and 13 minutes, at least those which can be filmed. For the many who are in lock down, it is offering a way … read more

2019 Bird Report

Hi everyone, I am very excited to publish this summary of 2019’s amazing birds, please feel free to download this summary. I hope this inspires a great many of you to come and visit us and enjoy the stunning variety of species that drops in over the year. Click here to download the PDF

DATE CHANGE to Christmas Bar-b-q : It’s now 22nd December 2019

The new date for the our second Christmas Bar-b-q is 22nd December, NOT 15th as previously published. Last year we bought way too much food last year, but had great fun and a great fire so come on down this time and join us, for an hour, or even for just a mince pie and … read more