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Latest News

LWT Annual Report to the Charity Commission

As a Charitable Incorporated Organisation LWT must submit an annual report to the Charity Commission. Our report for the period 2/2/2018 to 31/12/2018 can read here.

Lavell’s Wetland Trust awarded grant to create habitat at Lea Farm Lake

LWT has been awarded a grant of £42,000 by Network Rail to develop the wetland habitat around Lea Farm Lake. This will allow us to create an extensive reed-bed and a large area of marsh and shallows along the east shore of the lake.  Around most of the lake the bank shelves steeply into deep … read more

FOLL membership attending last night’s EGM votes unanimously for LWT

What a fantastic turnout at FOLL’s EGM yesterday evening (Tues July 17th). 67 wonderful members voted for the resolution that allows us to transfer FOLL’s assets to the new Lavell’s Wetland Trust (LWT). The future looks bright!

EGM – Tuesday July 17th at 19:30

Remember that paid members are invited to an EGM next Tuesday to vote on a resolution to move all assets and memberships of FOLL to Lavell’s Wetland Trust. It’s 19:30 at Earley St Peter’s Church Hall. Church Rd, Earley, Reading RG6 1EY. Take a look at the LWT constitution, the resolution and a list of … read more

Volunteer walks The Ridgeway National Trail to raise money for FOLL

We have fantastic news, this summer one of our newer volunteers – Giuliana Sinclair, will be walking the entire 140km length of The Ridgeway National Trail and is looking to raise funds for FOLL through sponsorship of her efforts! Giuliana is hoping to raise sufficient funds to buy two new owl boxes, one for Barn … read more

FOLL and Thames Water habitat improvement project

FOLL & Thames Water are very excited to report an exciting project to improve and expand important habitat at Lavell’s Lake. The project already started 17th October and involves excavating a huge new section 120 long by 25 metres deep of Phragmites reed bed, re-dig of the Tern scrape, new irrigation ditches, a brand new … read more

Purple Emporer Butterfly

Our lovely friends across the Loddon, Martin, Julie and Jack Jones were kind enough to share the exciting news that a Purple Emporer Butterfly had graced their garden early this week. It is a rare butterfly, last seen 2014 and it brings hope for all of us we might see one around. Photographs thanks to … read more

Mute Swan Breeding Success

Prof Chris Perrins of Oxford University has asked everyone if we can contribute to his study of Mute Swan breeding attempts and success. His article can be found here Swan Productivity 2017 His email is

Vandalism & Antisocial behaviour at Bittern Hide

We are urging everyone to call the police on 999 if you witness anyone taking drugs, under age drinking, or vandalizing any hides. Bittern hide has been targeted many times so far in 2017 and the police have been met with and plans discussed. The latest incident was the evening of 26th April and the … read more

Bittern hide access 7/10/16

Apologies for the late notice, but this sign was spotted at Lavell’s Lake LNR today.