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Other Wildlife

Other wildlife sightings

  • Sightings in bold are marked as such to note either rarity, a high number counted, or an unusual date
  • Mammals, Flora and other Wildlife Sightings, including your pictures, can be reported to this page using the LWT WhatsApp General Chat group or the LWT Facebook page
  • Please confirm all sighting with a picture
  • Click on photos for a larger version.
  • It is my intention to retain sightings and pictures for a full year on this page before they are archived here for 2020.

April 8th 2021
Lavell’s Lake – Red Fox caught napping (Ida Groot-Attias)

Resting Red Fox at Lavell’s Lake – Ida Groot-Attias

March 30th 2021
Lavell’s Lake – Roe Deer male after swimming across the lake (Geoff Emmett)

Wet Roe Deer Stag at Lavell’s Lake – Geoff Emmett