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Birdwatching at Dinton Pastures

Up until September 2021, 223 species have been recorded at Dinton Pastures and Lea Farm Lake, 5 more than the last content review here in 2017. Atlas surveys in 2007-2011 showed this to be one of the three richest sites for bird species in Berkshire in both summer and winter, with an impressive 125 species recorded in the breeding seasons since records began in 1979 and 108 in winter. The park has also recorded 90 species or more in every month of the year, except June.

The Avifauna pages provide brief notes on most of the birds recorded, together with photos of many species. Interesting observations for the current year are reported on the Latest Sighting page and records for previous years can be searched in our database. Fraser Cottington also makes regular posts about everything he sees and hears, his YouTube channel is here and you can read from his old blog and see ‘record shots’ here Fraser’s DP Birding

Bird hides are situated on Lavell’s Lake, Sandford Lake and Lea Farm Lake and the footpaths around the lakes provide vantage points for viewing: see Walks and Hides. More information about each lake and other sites of interest for bird-watching can be found here.  Bird walks are led by long time LWT members each month and in the Spring a special Dawn Chorus walk is held.

We are grateful to the many LWT members who have sent us their photos. Here is just a small selection of birds photographed at Dinton Pastures and Lea Farm; more can be seen in the Avifauna pages.


You can submit photos for inclusion in our wildlife photo galleries – though sadly, we cannot include all photos, but  we will aim to show a representative selection of species. For the photo galleries, images should be at least 800 px wide x 600 px high (1024 x 768 is fine) and will preferably have an aspect ratio (height/width) of 0.75. Higher aspect ratios can be accommodated, but the minimum height is 600 px. Please email images to Fraser Cottington.