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Latest sightings

  • Sightings in bold are marked as such to note either rarity, a high number counted, or an unusual date
  • For a complete Excel spreadsheet list of the 75 species seen so far in 2023 click here.
  • Bird Sightings, including your pictures, can be reported to this page using the LWT WhatsApp group, LWT Facebook page or via
  • Click on photos for a larger version.

December 7th
Black Swan Lake – 2 Goosander pair in the Bay on the west side below the Trig Point (Tim James)

December 6th
Black Swan Lake – 2 Goosander pair in the Bay below the Trig Point (Dave Rimes)

December 5th
Lea Farm Lake – Song Thrush in a hedgerow on the Landfill, Stonechat on fence (Nick Kightley)
Lavell’s Lake – Snipe, Cetti’s Warbler near the Bittern hide, Water Rail calling, Sparrowhawk (Nick Kightley); 5500+ Starling roosting, 2 Sparrowhawk watching the murmuration, 78 Teal (Michael Hubbard)
Black Swan Lake – 2 Goosander in the Bay near the path to White Swan (Paul Mattingly)

Goosander Pair at Black Swan Lake – Nick Kightley

December 4th
Lea Farm Lake – 20+ Ring-necked Parakeet near Ron’s hide (Lorna Akers-Douglas)
Black Swan Lake – 2 Goosander in the Bay near the path to White Swan (Tim James)

December 2nd
Black Swan Lake – 3 Red-crested Pochard 2 drake’s and a female on the west side of Goat Island (Tim James); Chiffchaff (Roger Stansfield)

December 1st
Black Swan Lake – Goosander drake in the bay opposite the Activity Centre (FJC)

November 30th
Lea Farm Lake – 20+ Siskin in trees by the Green Bridge (John McGovan); 10+ Siskin in a mixed flock with Goldfinch’s, Stonechat on the fence line (Nick Kightley)
Lavell’s Lake – Bullfinch near Teal hide (Nick Kightley)
Lavell’s Lake Car Park Field – Mistle Thrush on a Telegraph pole, Kestrel over the Car Park (John McGovan)
Black Swan Lake – Goosander drake just up from the duck feeding area (John McGovan); 2 Goosander female just south from the duck feeding area and a drake on the north west side of Goat Island (Tim James)

November 29th
Black Swan Lake – Goosander drake towards the south end (Dave Rimes)
Mortimer’s Meadow – 2 Peregrine on the usual pylon male and female (Dave Rimes)

November 28th
Lavell’s Lake – 5500+ Starling heading to roost in the reeds, 3 Sparrowhawk two females and one male chasing the stragglers, 2 Pochard, Water Rail calling from the main reed bed, Woodcock seen zig zagging towards Lea Farm Lake (Michael Hubbard)

November 27th
Lavell’s Lake – Cetti’s Warbler near the hide, 2 Water Rail calling near the feeder’s (FJC); Peregrine chasing the Starling’s (Adam Wigley)
Sandford Lake – 44 Pochard (FJC); Bullfinch calling (Brian Crathorne)
Black Swan Lake – 15 Great Crested Grebe in the South Bay, 4 Goosander all Redheads taking of on the east side near the Activity Centre towards Sandford Lake (FJC)

November 26th
Sandford Lake – 6 Goosander two males and 4 females (John McGovan)

November 25th
Lea Farm Lake – Peregrine over low then landing in a Alder near Renton’s screen (FJC)
Lavell’s Lake – Little Egret, Cetti’s Warbler, Barn Owl Flew out of the box on the water meadow (Marek Walford)
Sandford Lake – 51 Pochard (FJC)
White Swan Lake – 2 Kestrel flew low through the trees toward Black Swan Lake from Middle Marsh (FJC)

November 24th
Lea Farm Lake – Pink-footed Goose on the Landfill, Green Woodpecker in front of Ron’s hide (Mark Shaw)

November 23rd
Lea Farm Lake – 2 Stonechat (Nick Kightley)
Lavell’s Lake – Lesser Redpoll over heading towards Sandford Lake (Rick Dawson); Snipe (Nick Kightley)

November 22nd
Lea Farm Lake – 2 Stonechat on the fence near the east shore (Steve Clarke)

November 21st
Lea Farm Lake – Stonechat on reeds near the east shore (John McGoven)

November 20th
Lea Farm Lake – 2 Stonechat on the fence near the east shore, Raven sat on post on the Landfill, 6 Siskin across the Loddon in trees near the Green Bridge (John McGoven)
Black Swan Lake – Goldcrest (Alan Jackman)

November 19th
Lea Farm Lake – 2 Stonechat on the fence near the mouth of the south east bay, 10+ Meadow Pipit dropped in near the Stonechats, 5 Common Gull (FJC)

November 18th
Sandford Lake – 33 Pochard (FJC)
Black Swan Lake – 300+ Ring-necked Parakeet roosting towards the north side of Goat Island (FJC)

November 17th
Lea Farm Lake – Stonechat on the fence (Trevor Guyatt)
Black Swan Lake – Goosander drake just of the View Point (Tim James)

Drake Goosander at Black Swan Lake – Alan Jackman

November 16th
Lea Farm Lake – Goldeneye female, Water Rail, 5 Common Gull, Stonechat, 2 Goldcrest in a Tit flock along the Loddon path, 3 Snipe behind the submerged island (Nick Kightley)
Lavell’s Lake – 5+ Redwing, 2 Chiffchaff, 2 Cetti’s Warbler calling at Teal and Bittern hides, Fieldfare in a hedge near the Landfill (Nick Kightley)
Black Swan Lake – Goosander drake to the west of Goat Island (Tim James); Grey Wagtail near the Activity Centre (Nick Kightley)

November 15th
Lavell’s Lake – Sparrowhawk near the feeder’s by Bittern hide (Adam McTiernan)

November 11th
Lavell’s Lake – 38 Fieldfare in groups of 2+20+16, all heading south, 3500+ Woodpigeon a significant passage for 1.5 hours heading ranging from south south west to south east a mile either side of the Landfill flock sizes varying from 150-500, Pink-footed Goose heard from Bittern hide maybe from the Landfill, 3000+ Starling murmuration peaked around 16.15pm (FJC)
Lavell’s Lake Car Park Field – 2 Great Black-backed Gull over Lea Farm heading south (FJC)

November 10th
Lavell’s Lake – An extremely large murmuration of Starling’s in front of Bittern hide tonight (Keith Boseley)

November 7th
Lea Farm Lake – Pink-footed Goose near the east shore, 27 Teal, 10 Wigeon, Lapwing, Stock Dove, Kingfisher flew into a fallen treen near the Green Bridge, 3 Siskin in a small Tit Flock (Michael Hubbard)
Lavell’s Lake – 5000+ Starling circling main reed bed, Sparrowhawk female checking the Starling flock (Michael Hubbard)

November 6th
Lea Farm Lake – Pink-footed Goose in front of Ron’s hide first on the Landfill now in the south west corner (Alan Jackman)

November 5th
Lavell’s Lake Car Park Field- 7 Little Egret over in one’s and two’s, 60 Fieldfare over in three groups heading south east. 7000+ Woodpigeon significant migration groups of 100 to 800 heading south east, 17 Lesser Black-backed Gull heading south, 7 Linnet heading south east (FJC)
Black Swan Lake – 2 Great Black-back Gull very uncommon for last 3+ years, 2 Little Egret low heading south along the Emm Brook near the Activity Centre (FJC)

November 4th
Lavell’s Lake – 65+ Fieldfare over heading south east, 1000+ Starling currently circling main island (FJC)

November 2nd
Lavell’s Lake Car Park Field – Pink-footed Goose flew over with Graylag’s and Canada’s heading towards Lea Farm (Tim James)

November 1st
Lavell’s Lake – Large murmuration of Starling’s in front of Bittern hide tonight, Sparrowhawk flew in and took one home for dinner (Alan Jackman)

October 31st
Lea Farm Lake – Pink-footed Goose, Water Rail, Snipe, 4 Fieldfare over, 5 Stonechat, Meadow Pipit (Nick Kightley)
Lavell’s Lake Car Park Field – 4 Redpoll over calling (Nick Kightley)

October 30th
Lea Farm Lake – Pink-footed Goose on the shore in the north east corner (Alan Jackman); Sparrowhawk, 60 Ring-necked Parakeet approximate total of groups heading to roost site, 1000+ Starling estimate of huge flock that flew over low over the hide to be audible towards Lavell’s Lake, Kingfisher, Pink-footed Goose flew off with the Greylag’s, Cetti’s Warbler heard calling then seen well, Water Rail, Merlin (Andy Tomczynski)

October 29th
Lea Farm Lake – 20+ Siskin probable in two flocks heading south, 8 Golden Plover heading west, 1000+ Wood Pigeon in multiple flock heading south, Raven flew north along far edge of the Landfill, Peregrine came in from the south east, 33+ Redwing heading south beyond the Landfill, 4 Fieldfare heading south (FJC)
Lavell’s Lake Car Park Field – 6 Blackbird in hedgerow left of the farm (FJC)

October 28th
Lea Farm Lake – 10 Common Gull, 11 Skylark in small groups heading south and south east, 5 Redwing, Pink-footed Goose still present on the east shore to the left of the shingle island, 2 Snipe on the edge of the south east bay (FJC)
Lavell’s Lake – Snipe seen from Bittern hide (Dave Rimes)
Lavell’s Lake Car Park Field – 10+ Greenfinch light passage heading south, 7 Skylark heading south, 3+ Redwing flying around, 7 Skylark heading south east (FJC)
Black Swan Lake – Kingfisher (Dave Rimes)

October 27th
Lavell’s Lake – Chiffchaff near the big Hawthorn, Starlings just left roost in one big flock heading south east over field (FJC)
Black Swan Lake – 3 Pochard between the islands seen from the Activity Centre, 3 groups of Ring-necked Parakeets totalling in excess of 300 birds around the Activity Centre (FJC)

October 26th
Lea Farm Lake – 31 Shoveler, Cetti’s Warbler, 49 Lapwing, 240 Graylag Geese, 395 Canada Geese, Barnacle Goose, 3 Common Gull, 2 Stonechat (Andy Tomczynski)

October 24th
Lea Farm Lake – 52 Common Gull mainly to the left of the submerged shingle island, Snipe in front of Ron’s hide, 2 Stonechat along east fencing, Sparrowhawk male on low raid in front of hide towards filled feeder area, 300+ Canada Geese, 140 Greylag Geese (Michael Hubbard)
Lavell’s Lake – 2 Water Rail heard & seen chasing each other along edge of freshly cut reeds, Cetti’s Warbler calling, Barn Owl heard rasping and briefly seen flying towards wet meadow and box area (Michael Hubbard)

October 21st
Lea Farm Lake – Green Sandpiper heard only, Barnacle Goose, Pink-footed Goose in the north east corner (FJC)
Lavell’s Lake – 2 Goldcrest in an Oak Tree between the hides (Simon Huggins)

October 20th
Lea Farm Lake – 4 Stonechat flitting on and off the east fencing, Barnacle Goose still present on Landfill, 40+ Redwing over heading south east (Michael Hubbard)
Lavell’s Lake – 37 Redwing in two flocks of 25 and 12 over towards the Teal Hide area, Water Rail squealing from there also (Michael Hubbard)
Sandford Lake – 6 Pochard four males and 2 females, 2 Wigeon east of hide (Michael Hubbard)

October 19th
Lea Farm Lake – Barnacle Goose, Pink-footed Goose, 2 Common Gull, Cetti’s Warbler under Ron’s hide (Nick Kightley); Pink-footed Goose now on the Landfill with at least 650 Greylags! (Roger Stansfield)
Sandford Lake – 2 Pochard, 2 Little Grebe (Nick Kightley)

Pink-footed Goose at Lea Farm Lake – Roger Stansfield

October 17th
Lea Farm Lake – Barnacle Goose (Nick Kightley)
Lavell’s Lake – 10 Redwing four over the Loddon six over Bittern hide (Nick Kightley)
Lavell’s Lake – Car Park Field – 40+ Redwing over, Skylark heading towards the Landfill (Nick Kightley)
Sandford Lake – 3 Redwing over (Nick Kightley); 2 Pochard both males, 100+ Tufted Duck, 150+ Coot (Peter Scudamore)

October 16th
Lavell’s Lake – 2 Cetti’s Warbler chasing each other around feeder area (Alan Rymer); Bittern seen from Bittern hide in reeds beyond central island (David White)

October 15th
Lea Farm Lake – 2 Stonechat on the fence (Brian Bennett)
Lavell’s Lake – Car Park Field – 250+ Starling heading away from the Lavell’s roost, 9 Chaffinch, 6 Skylark heading south (FJC)

October 14th
Lea Farm Lake – Pink-footed Goose re-found on the east shore at the beginning of the north east bay, 2 Stonechat on the fence, 2 Common Gull (2CY), Barnacle Goose 20m from Pink-footed Goose (FJC); Snipe, Little Egret (Marek Walford)
Lavell’s Lake – 3 Lesser Redpoll ringed this morning (FJC)

October 12th
Lea Farm Lake – Pink-footed Goose in front of Ron’s hide (Nick Kightley)

October 11th
Lea Farm Lake – Pink-footed Goose on the Landfill viewed from Ron’s hide, Barnacle Goose with Greylags (Andy Tomczynski)

Pink-footed Goose at Lea Farm Lake – FJC

October 10th
Mortimer’s Meadow – Mistle Thrush heading west, Stonechat in the middle of the long grass (FJC)

October 8th
Lea Farm Lake – 40 Redwing one group of 30+ and 1’s & 2’s heading south, Merlin very distant bird east of the Landfill heading south, 15 Meadow Pipit around the eastern fence and newly cut grass, 2 Swallow heading south, 55 Skylark small groups of 4-7 heading south with a flock of 35, Stonechat in a reedy ditch, 12+ Linnet over the Landfill (FJC)
Lavell’s Lake – Bittern a pale bird in main island reeds, 2 Sparrowhawk over Landfill from the Car Park field, 2 Mistle Thrush (FJC); 4 Raven over Teal Hide (Ben Knowles)

Early Bittern at Lavell’s Lake – FJC

October 7th
Lea Farm Lake – 3 Stonechat on the fence (John Warren)
Lavell’s Lake – Kingfisher, 3 Teal (John Warren)

October 6th
Lea Farm Lake – 2 Stonechat on the fence line, Sparrowhawk being mobbed, Common Gull in the south east corner (Tim James)

October 5th
Lea Farm Lake – Stonechat in vegetation in front of the fence line, Snipe on the far bank right of the island, Water Rail calling (Nick Kightley)
Lavell’s Lake – 7 Swallow seen from Teal hide, Rook over the Car Park field, 2 Little Grebe in front of Bittern hide (Nick Kightley)

October 4th
Lea Farm Lake – Kingfisher heading south from Ron’s towards the Mill (Simon Huggins)
Lavell’s Lake – 5 House Martin over heading south east (Andy Tomczynski)

October 3rd
Lea Farm Lake – 2 Swallow, Stonechat on vegetation near the 5 bar gates (Nick Kightley)
Lavell’s Lake – Water Rail calling from near Teal hide, Hobby over low, Cetti’s Warbler singing along the path to Bittern hide (Nick Kightley)

October 2nd
Lea Farm Lake – 4 Snipe flushed by tractor flailing, 2 Skylark over the Landfill heading north, 7 Linnet heading south (FJC)
Lavell’s Lake – Kingfisher male, 2 Little Grebe (Alan Rymer); Redwing over the Car Park field, Cetti’s Warbler calling, Water Rail calling (Nick Kightley)

October 1st
Lavell’s Lake – 24 Swallow south east over the Landfill seen from the Car Park field, 5 Meadow Pipit heading north seen from the Car Park field, 40+ mixed Swallow & House Martin all crossing south east about a half mile north of Landfill viewing area, 50+ Greenfinch landed in bushes in front of the old Oak tree somewhat unusual!, 2 Little Grebe seen from Bittern hide, Sedge Warbler in thick vegetation on the Bund (FJC)