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Bridge repairs completed

The past two weeks has seen bridge repairs completed on two bridges in Dinton Pastures that were deemed to be unsafe. The major repair was on the bridge over the River Loddon, connecting Mortimer’s Meadow to White Swan Lake. This work had been planned for some time, but damage to the railings had resulted in an incident that forced it to be put forward. Wokingham District Council took care of the repairs and the end result is a much sturdier looking bridge which should prove to be more durable.
The second repair was on the low footbridge which connects Black Swan Lake to Sandford Lake, close to the sluice. It appears that the recent flooding had damaged the bridge so badly that it needed to be closed. The Countyside Services staff based at Dinton were able to complete this work themselves and the finished product is a wider and more substantial looking bridge.

Click on the images for a larger version.

The renovated footbridge over the River Loddon.

The new bridge between Black Swan & Sandford Lakes.