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Hedge laying at Lea Farm GP

21/10/15 Thanks to Peter Scudamore, Conservation Reading on Wednesday (CROW) have joined up with FOLL to lay the hedge alongside the footpath at Lea Farm GP. CROW pay an annual visit to Dinton Pastures to help with conservation work, but this was their first ever visit to Lea Farm GP and despite poor weather conditions they have made an excellent start on transforming the hedgerow. Two further visits are planned to complete the task, with the next being on November 18th.  Any FOLL members who would like to help and learn how to lay a hedge are welcome to join in.

More photo’s of this work can be seen on the Econet Reading website here:

LFGP hedge laying1 Alan Stevens/CROW

LFGP hedge laying3 Alan Stevens/CROW

LFGP hedge laying2 Alan Stevens/CROW

lfgp-hedge-laying Progress after 18/11 session – R. Marsh