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Lea Farm GP feeder stand

18/8/15 Ron Bryant has been busy again and this time he’s built a superb feeder stand, which was installed close to the hide on 18th August 2015. The mark 1 version didn’t prove to be quite as squirrel proof as he’d hoped, but in no time at all Ron was back with mark 2, now with an additional ‘cowl’ to stop squirrels climbing the pole. This has proved successful and a wide variety of species are seen feeding daily on the array of feeders provided. Stars of the show so far have been a pair of Nuthatches but only time will tell what other goodies the new feeders can attract. Watch this space!

The feeder stand is only about 5 metres from the hide, great for taking photo’s

One of two Nuthatches seen regularly on the feeders

Ron Bryant admiring his fine work.