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LWT Web Site Host Changing

UPDATE: Web Site moving 10pm tonight Sunday 12th September, so will disappear for a while – hopefully will be back up in a few hours. DO NOT POST UPDATES AFTER 10pm. I tried to do a seemless changeover but that does not seem to work as I hoped.

Our current web site host will be switching off their servers on 15th September, so our web site will be moved to a new host. This should not affect you but it might mean the LWT web site is not available for a few hours while the transfer is completed.

Also if you are planning to post your magnum opus you have been working on to the members area, then please can you wait a few days till the move is complete, to make sure your work is not lost.

The web site address is not changing the only changes are to the web host and the DNS settings that directs your browser to the new host. The DNS setting changes can take a few hours to update round the web hence it is possible that our web site is not available for a few hours.

I hope to redirect the domain first to the new host to make sure it works as this should affect less people, if that works then I will update the domain to the new site.

Also the new web site host should have added protection as it should be a https: site, so you should not get a security warning when logging into the members area. This also means the members area is secure which makes sure we meet GDPR rules. The new host will be in the UK or EU which also means we are GDPR compliant.

Hopefully this will all go smoothly and I will update the news when complete.