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Night Heron now visiting Sandford frequently

After a gap of 8 days the Night Heron was found at Sandford Lake and stayed in view for nearly 1 and half hours, it was then seen arriving at Sandford again 3 days later (19th) and sat in a tree above the reeds near the hide for several hours in sheltering from the rain, allowing many locals to see this much wanted species.

And last night it was seen yet again flying in around 20.00 and sat near the same reeds close to Sandford hide.

You can see lots of pictures at Berksbirds

You can also see my videos on YouTube

We ask all visitors to please make a donation to LWT and at all times respect the birds welfare and the habitat managed by LWT and Dinton Pastures Countryside Service (DPCS), any behaviour by visitors that threatens the bird will not be tolerated.