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Volunteer walks The Ridgeway National Trail to raise money for FOLL

We have fantastic news, this summer one of our newer volunteers – Giuliana Sinclair, will be walking the entire 140km length of The Ridgeway National Trail and is looking to raise funds for FOLL through sponsorship of her efforts!

Giuliana is hoping to raise sufficient funds to buy two new owl boxes, one for Barn Owls, one for Tawny, or Little Owls, complete with solar powered infrared night vision cameras and wireless data connections, so that we can all enjoy the experience of their family lives through our website, from the comfort of our own homes.

Please visit her website to find out more about Giuliana and her great efforts to help us to improve our reserve and increase our audience at – share it on your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and anywhere else you see fit to help Giuliana hit and exceed her target.