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Big Changes to Membership and Members Area

Everyone who is a member and has an email should have received details of the changes to how we handle membership.

We are switching to using Membermojo to handle our memberships.

Also we have to change our HSBC bank account and move from using FoLL PayPal to LWT PayPal.

And membership rates have increased to cover our increased costs due to all the work and responsibilities we now have.


New members when joining via the web site now, will be taken to Membermojo which will handle the joining process.

Existing members will get emails from Membermojo when their membership is due for renewal to join using the new scheme, remembering to cancel the old payments if they are recurring in PayPal or standing orders to our old bank account.

The old Members only area of the web site is no longer available, a page is provided in Membermojo which contains hide codes and other membership information.

Please bear with us while we change over, we have tried to make it as painless as possible but we could not delay these changes any longer.