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Teal Hide Rebuild Completed

The new Teal hide has been built and is open for use. There was a problem with the door locking people in at the start but the catch has been removed so you cannot get stuck inside. Also the black paint on the seats took a long time to dry, but seems to be dry now, good idea to check before you sit down incase there is still a spot or two that has not dried yet.

There might be a few minor jobs to complete the hide, the ramp has a small step to get onto it, so not quite wheelchair friendly yet.


If you have not been to Dinton in the last few weeks then you probably have not seen the notices about the replacement of Teal Hide. They say the hide is closed from 16th October, but it was still open today (19th). The work is scheduled to start on Monday 23rd October, so the hide will definitely be out of use then. The new hide is hoped to be ready at the end of November.

Update 1/11/2023: Old Teal Hide has been removed, but no sign of work on new hide yet, flooding does not help.

Update 9/11/2023: Work has started on new hide base

Note during work there will be regular vehicle access at the yellow gate, so be careful when passing this area.