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Sites of interest

Car Park Field

To the north of the Sandford Lane car park is a meadow with areas of scrub between the Emm Brook and  an overgrown hedge-line on the eastern side of the field through which a footpath runs. The scrub has attracted a number of scarce migrants and the open view northwards provides opportunities for raptor watching.

Looking north from the car park Buzzards, Red Kite, Sparrowhawk and Kestrel can be seen most days. Scarcer raptors seen from here include Marsh Harrier and Merlin. Green Woodpeckers are regularly seen in this area, along with the occasional Mistle Thrush and Ring-necked Parakeet, both of which have bred nearby.

The scrub is good habitat for Garden Warbler, Blackcap, Whitethroat, with Redstarts and Spotted Flycatcher seen on migration most autumns.  A Wryneck was seen feeding along the edge of the scrub for two days in August 2012 and proved popular with local birders, many of whom had never seen the species before in Berkshire.

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Wryneck found by Fraser Cottington, Marek Walford

Garden Warbler, Clifford Grove

Whitethroat, Michael Roberts

Redstart, Tony Harden