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Sightings archive

January 2017 Sightings

  • Sightings in bold are marked as such to note either rarity, a high number counted, or an unusual date
  • Click on photos for a larger version.

January 29th
Lea Farm GP – 51+ Snipe along east shore, 93+ Herring Gull & 3 Lesser Black-backed Gull on lake, Great Black-backed Gull over (FJC)

January 28th
Lea Farm GP – Peregrine landed in trees at north end of lake, Kestrel, 250+ Wigeon, 2 Little Egret (FJC)
Lavell’s Lake – Bittern seen from Teal hide a.m. (J McGowan)

January 27th
Lea Farm GP – 7 Snipe, 2 Great Black-backed Gull (Bob Bennett); Coal Tit on feeder, 31 Herring Gull, 2 Common Gull, 12 Egyptian Geese, Greylag Goose (R Marsh); Sparrowhawk flew past feeders, Water Rail, 3 Reed Bunting (R Price)

January 26th
Lea Farm GP – c260 Wigeon and at least 11 Snipe pm (FJC); Water Rail (P Scudamore)

January 24th
Lea Farm GP – m. Goldeneye (T James); Sparrowhawk flew to feeders and sat on top, 6 Snipe on landfill (P Scudamore)
Lavell’s Lake – Water Rail in Bittern hide feeder area (P Scudamore)
White Swan Lake – Ferruginous Duck, 2 Little Grebe, 3 Common Gull (R Marsh)

January 23rd
Lea Farm GP – 2 Water Rail around the feeders (R Sajdak)
White Swan Lake – Bittern flushed from reedbed by fox mid morning (R Sajdak)

January 22nd
Lea Farm GP – 1m. & 1f. Goldeneye (J McGowan)
Lavell’s Lake – Bittern over the Loddon flying towards Teal scrape, Meadow Pipit over calling from bottom of car park field (M Walford)
White Swan Lake – 2 Little Grebe, Ferruginous Duck (J McGowan)

January 21st
Lea Farm GP327 Teal (new record high count), 194 Wigeon, Water Rail, 2m. & 1f. Goldeneye, Little Grebe on the Loddon near green bridge (FJC)
Black Swan Lake – m. Goldeneye (FJC)
White Swan Lake – Bittern showed well from 07.50, perched at the top of the reeds for about 2 hours (J McGowan); 3 Little Grebe, Ferruginous Duck (FJC); Bittern seen again at dusk, climbing high in reeds (P Bright-Thomas)

January 20th
Lea Farm GP – Water Rail, 4 Snipe, Sparrowhawk over, 2m. & 1f. Goldeneye, 3 Reed Bunting (R Marsh)

January 19th
Lea Farm GP – Water Rail (G Emmett)
Lavell’s Lake – 1 Snipe near Bittern hide (S Day); Woodcock flew west over Loddon near Teal hide @ 5.18pm, Tawny Owl landed in tree @ 5.19pm and started calling (Brian Bennett)

January 18th
Lea Farm GP – Brent Goose flushed from landfill with Canada Geese and flew on to small area of lake that was not iced over, m. Goldeneye, 7 Snipe, 252+ Teal, 145+ Wigeon (R Marsh)
Lavell’s Lake – 4 Snipe near Bittern hide, m. Bullfinch near footbridge to car park (R Marsh)

January 17th
Lea Farm GP – Brent Goose on landfill with Canada Geese (P Scudamore); 92 Wigeon, Water Rail (G Emmett)
Lavell’s Lake – 2 Snipe near Bittern hide (P Scudamore)

January 15th
Lea Farm GP – Little Grebe on Loddon near hide, f. Shelduck (J McGowan)

January 14th
Lea Farm GP – Peregrine over and harassing Lapwing flock (FJC), f Shelduck, Brent Goose flew in with 30 Greylag late morning, 15+ Snipe (R Marsh)
Landfill – Peregrine circling then off over DP (FJC & J McGowan), Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Meadow Pipit over North calling at dusk, Little Owl in usual Oak tree left of green barn (FJC)
Black Swan Lake – Grey Wagtail heard, Chiffchaff possibly 2 heading along edge of Sandford near dusk
Sandford Lake – f. Bullfinch (R Marsh)

Female Gt. Spotted Woodpecker @ LFGP

January 13th
Lea Farm GP – Snipe, Lesser Black-backed Gull, 7 Common Gull, 10 Herring Gull (R Marsh); 2 Shelduck p.m. (D Williams-Jones)
Lavell’s Lake – 2 Bullfinch near Jerry’s bench, Snipe (R Marsh)
Sandford Lake – Snipe (R Marsh); 40 Pochard, Water Rail (FJC)
Heron’s Water – Ferruginous Duck (FJC)

January 11th
Black Swan Lake – 115+ Pochard, Mistle Thrush in trees East side of old golf course near dusk (B T Bennett)

January 10th
Lea Farm GP – Brent Goose on landfill with Canada Geese (P Bright-Thomas); 20+ Greylag Geese (G Emmett)
Lavell’s Lake – 2 Siskin with Goldfinch flock on alders by Loddon, just south of Sandford Lane (Brian Bennett)
White Swan Lake – Bittern preening near the top of reeds at 16.24 (I Paine)

Greylag Geese arriving at LFGP, G Emmett

January 9th
Lea Farm GP – Brent Goose flew on to landfill with Canada Geese at 10.30 (T James); f. Shelduck, Water Rail (R Marsh); 34 Wigeon, 25 Snipe (G Emmett)
Lavell’s Lake – Chiffchaff near footbridge to car park (T James); Water Rail to the right of Bittern hide (R Price)
Sandford Lake – 7 Snipe, Kingfisher (R Marsh)
Heron’s Water – Treecreeper (Brian Bennett)

January 8th
Lea Farm GP – f. Shelduck, Cetti’s Warbler, 4 Reed Bunting, Water Rail (D Williams-Jones); Nuthatch, m. Sparowhawk took bird off feeder (G Emmett)
Lavell’s Lake – distant Tawny Owl heard calling from Bittern hide (J McGowan)
White Swan Lake – Bittern (J McGowan)
Heron’s Water – Ferruginous Duck (S Day et al)

January 7th
Lea Farm GP – f. Shelduck, Water Rail (J McGowan); Chiffchaff, 12 Snipe, 2 Little Egret, 3 Lesser Black-backed Gull, 27 Wigeon (R Marsh)
Black Swan Lake – m. Goldeneye (M Walford)
White Swan Lake – Bittern (M Walford)
Heron’s Water – Meadow Pipit heard over (FJC)

January 6th
Lea Farm GP – f. Shelduck (FJC); 2m. & 1f. Goldeneye, 225+ Teal, c500 Black-headed Gull, Little Egret, Water Rail, 18 Common Gull (T Guyatt)
Black Swan Lake – Grey Wagtail sailing club beach (G Emmett)

Grey Wagtail, Black Swan Lake, G Emmett

January 5th
Lea Farm GP – f. Shelduck, Brent Goose flew in at 12.15, Water Rail, 4 Snipe, Nuthatch, pair Reed Bunting, Little Egret (R Marsh)
Lavell’s Lake – Water Rail seen briefly as it ran under the fence (R Marsh)

January 4th
Lea Farm GP – 2 Raven over landfill calling, f. Shelduck (J McGowan); 12-13 Golden Plover distantly moving east below Bowsey Hill (FJC), 12+ Fieldfare NW to roost.
Lavell’s Lake2 Mistle Thrush over heading west (FJC)
Off park at Hatchgate Farm (51°26’31.9″N 0°51’55.6″W)  – 90-100+ Pied Wagtail, 2 Mistle Thrush, 5+ Meadow Pipit, 9+ Linnet, Grey Wagtail, 200+ Redwing & Fieldfare

January 3rd
Lea Farm GP – Brent Goose on landfill with Canada Geese, Water Rail (G Emmett); f. Shelduck (R Marsh)
Sandford Lake – 5 Snipe, 6 Common Gull (R Marsh)

Water Rail @ Lea Farm GP, R Marsh

January 2nd
Lea Farm GPBrent Goose on landfill with Canada Geese, then later flew over Lavell’s (M Walford); f. Shelduck, Water Rail, pair Reed Bunting, 2 Nuthatch (R Marsh); Green Woodpecker, Grey Wagtail over (J McGowan); Kestrel, 2 Snipe (G Emmett)
Lavell’s LakePeregrine over car park (FJC); Barn Owl flew from box at 5pm (T Guyatt)
Black Swan Lake – Grey Wagtail in activity centre car park (M Walford)
White Swan Lake – Bittern, Little Grebe, f. Kingfisher (T Guyatt et al)

January 1st
Lea Farm GP – 3 Little Egret, f. Shelduck in sw corner (FJC), adult Caspian Gull, 5 Raven circling together (M Walford et al); Brent Goose on landfill (E Napper & I Paine); Barn Owl flew upstream outside hide, Jack Snipe on east shore, 39 Snipe, (FJC); f. Shelduck still, Gt. Black-backed Gull over, Water Rail (R Marsh)
Lavell’s Lake – Gt. Black-backed Gull over west, Siskin over car park field, 3 Ring-necked Parakeet (FJC)
White Swan Lake2 Bittern (FJC & M Walford)
Heron’s Water – male Ferruginous Duck (FJC)