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Sightings archive

September 2023

September 30th
Lavell’s Lake – 30+ Meadow Pipit heading south east, 3 Swallow heading south east, Raven, 2 Kingfisher adjacent to Teal hide, 10 Linnet just flew south west all these sightings in the Car Park field, 4+ Reed Bunting over the Loddon earlier (FJC)

September 28th
Lea Farm Lake – Stonechat left of Ron’s hide on reeds (Alan Jackman)

September 27th
Lea Farm Lake – 3 Stonechat two males and a female on the eastern fence (Brian Bennett); 6 Greylag mainly “white” with hundreds of Geese on the Landfill, 150+ Lapwing (Trevor Guyatt)

September 25th
Lea Farm Lake – Redwing flying from the central copse towards Lavell’s lake, Mixed Swallow and House Martin flock flying over (Tim James)
Lavell’s Lake – Kingfisher on post behind the no fishing sign then flying towards Sandford Lake (Adam McTiernan)

September 24th
Lea Farm Lake – Stonechat on the fence on the eastern side, Mistle Thrush east south east over the Landfill, 15+ Meadow Pipit, 20+ hirundines heading south (FJC)

September 23rd
Lea Farm Lake – 30+ Meadow Pipit in groups of two’s and three’s over the Landfill, Stonechat the first of autumn on a fence and in the reedy ditch, 29 Golden Plover in two groups of eight and twenty one these are the first known September record with birds moving south west approximately 0.5km east of the Landfill (FJC)
Lavell’s Lake – 2 Raven, Peregrine, 10+ Meadow Pipit, 25+ Swallow all seen from the Car Park field (FJC)

September 21st
Lea Farm Lake – Green Sandpiper, Snipe (Nick Kightley)
Lavell’s Lake – 2 Little Grebe seen from the Teal hide, Cetti’s Warbler calling along path, Little Egret catching dragonflies, Meadow Pipit over the Landfill, 20 mixed hirundines in the distance (Nick Kightley); 2 Little Grebe seen from the Bittern Hide (Paul Mattingly)
Sandford Lake – Kingfisher (Nick Kightley)

September 20th
Lea Farm Lake – 60+ mixed hirundines heading south west (FJC)

September 19th
Lea Farm Lake – Black-tailed Godwit reported to me, 65+ Teal (FJC)

September 18th
Black Swan Lake – Common Gull (Peter Scudamore)

September 17th
Lea Farm Lake – Oystercatcher on the east shore (FJC)

A September Oystercatcher at Lea Farm Lake – FJC

September 16th
Lea Farm Lake – Water Rail out in front of Ron’s, Kingfisher flew by, 2 Little Egret over south, 45 Teal, 8 Wigeon, Green Sandpiper in the south west corner, 4+ Snipe flying around, Common Sandpiper in the north east corner (FJC); Cattle Egret (John Warren)
Lavell’s Lake – 5+ Blackcap, 10+ Meadow Pipit over the Landfill heading south east, 2 Raven circling at 1000ft drifting south over the Car Park field (FJC); Green Sandpiper flew towards Teal hide (Dave Rimes)

September 15th
Lavell’s Lake – Pochard hiding in with Teal, Gadwall and Tufted Duck on the Bund (FJC); Snipe on the Bund seen from Bittern hide (Mark Lauri)

September 13th
Lea Farm Lake – Ruff north east corner although elusive (Brian Bennett); Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler both seen in the ditch in front of the hide (Roger Stansfield); 3 Kingfisher flying low around the lake together before departing over south west tree line towards the Loddon, Green Sandpiper in the south west corner, 2 Common Sandpiper, 2 Snipe in the north west corner, Water Rail very vocal from first reed bed north west of Ron’s, Reed Warbler around and under the hide (Michael Hubbard)
Lavell’s Lake – Reed Warbler in and out of the recently cut reeds in front of bench on path to Bittern Hide, Water Rail heard calling from the reed bed at Bittern Hide, 2 Willow Warbler, Cetti’s Warbler, 2+ Blackcap with a roving Tit flock just through same area, 2 Kingfisher flying around the island trees (Michael Hubbard)

September 11th
Lavell’s Lake – Hobby was sitting on tall Poplar left of Bittern Hide, Sparrowhawk on Poplar left of Bittern hide as well (Dave Rimes)
Mortimer’s Meadow – 2 Whinchat both juvenile general area below power lines best viewed from cycle path (Dave Rimes)

Juvenile Whinchat in Mortimer’s Meadow – FJC

September 10th
Lea Farm Lake – 3 Snipe, Green Sandpiper in the south west corner (FJC); Great White Egret flew in and landed in the north east corner moving out of sight behind reeds, Common Sandpiper seen in the south west corner (Tim James)
Lavell’s Lake – Tawny Owl calling in grounds east of the Car Park, Lesser Whitethroat, Whitethroat, 2 Song Thrush, 2+ Blackcap in the bramble on the west side (FJC)
Black Swan Lake – Grey Wagtail around the Activity Centre (Steve Clarke)
Mortimer’s Meadow – Coal Tit calling from Willows in the middle hedgerow (FJC)

September 9th
Lea Farm Lake – Grey Wagtail, Green Sandpiper, Snipe, 35 Teal in the south west corner, Wigeon, 155 Lapwing, Shoveler (FJC)
Lavell’s Lake – Snipe on the Tern Scrape, 2 Green Sandpiper flying around, 4+ Teal, Willow Warbler calling by footbridge from th Car Park, Whitethroat in the
hedgerow along the Landfill edge, Raven over low, 8+ Blackcap in and around the Car Park field, Kestrel, Gadwall (FJC)
Sandford Lake – 5 Wigeon (FJC)
Black Swan Lake – 50+ Ring-necked Parakeet leaving their roost, 3 Little Egret over south, Kingfisher flew past (FJC)

September 8th
Lavell’s Lake – 7 Buzzard over the Car Park field, 2 House Martin, Swallow though (FJC)

September 6th
Lavell’s Lake – 2 Whitethroat on the Landfill, Lesser Whitethroat on the Landfill, several Blackcap and Reed Bunting along the hedgerow visible from the Car Park field (FJC)

September 5th
Lavell’s Lake – Redstart male on a hedge at the bottom of the Car Park field, Spotted Flycatcher on the hedgerow visible between telegraph poles on the Landfill (FJC)

September 4th
Lea Farm Lake – Kestrel hovering over the Landfill (Adam McTiernan)
Mortimer’s Meadow – Yellow Wagtail flew low over Colemansmoor Road heading towards Dinton calling constantly (Dave Rimes)

September 3rd
Lavell’s Lake – Kingfisher flew over the lake (Nigel Hoult)

September 2nd
Lea Farm Lake – 2 Green Sandpiper, Snipe, 120 Lapwing, Little Egret in the south west corner, 3 Kingfisher one flew towards Lodge Wood with two flying the whole length of the lake towards Lavell’s, Common Sandpiper (Steve Clarke)
Lavell’s Lake – 2 Snipe flew over towards the Landfill/Lea Farm Lake seen from the Car Park field, Water Rail heard from Loddon footpath at back of Teal scrape (FJC)

September 1st
Lea Farm Lake – 9 Buzzard together over the Landfill, Green Sandpiper, Wheatear reported on fence (FJC)
Black Swan Lake – Knot on the Activity Centre beach yesterday all other details including the observer details uncertain at the moment (FJC)

Knot on Black Swan Lake – Unknown Observer