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Sightings archive

November 2022

November 30th
Black Swan Lake – Goldeneye male at the southern end of lake (Tim James)

November 29th
Lea Farm Lake – Water Rail under feeder at Ron’s hide (Alan Jackman)
Lavell’s Lake – 2 Little Grebe in front of Bittern Hide (Alan Jackman)
Black Swan Lake – Goldeneye male far south end of lake (Alan Jackman)

Male Goldeneye at Black Swan Lake – Alan Jackman

November 26th
Lea Farm Lake – Stonechat male on fence, 20 Teal, 3 Little Egret just flown past hide heading south, 35+ Fieldfare heading south east over far landfill (FJC)
Black Swan Lake – 25+ Pochard, Goldeneye male far south end of lake (FJC)

November 25th
Mortimer’s Meadow – Raven on a pylon (Dave Rimes)

November 24th
Lea Farm Lake – Water Rail under the feeder’s by Ron’s hide (Alan Jackman); 11 Common Gull, Stonechat, 2 Little Egret, Fieldfare (Nick Kightley)
Lavell’s Lake – Chiffchaff by Betty’s picnic table, 3+ Redwing in the Car Park field (Peter Scudamore); Sparrowhawk near Starling roost (Nick Kightley)

November 21st
Mortimer’s Meadow – Peregrine on a pylon (Dave Rimes)

November 19th
Lavell’s Lake – 7+ Siskin heading south over the Landfill seen from the Car Park field, Stonechat, Great Black-backed Gull east both seen from the Car Park field over the Landfill, Woodcock heading east to west over the tarmac path (FJC)

November 14th
Lea Farm Lake – Peregrine juvenile diving on everything in front of Ron’s hide including the Geese Gulls and Crows (Nick Kightley); Stonechat male on the fence near the gorse, 12 Common Gull but most have flown now (Peter Scudamore)
Lavell’s Lake – 7 Common Gull, Snipe, Peregrine just flown over the Car Park field (Nick Kightley); 500+ Starling murmuration tonight dropping into the island reed bed around 4.00pm (Colin Holmes)
Mortimer’s Meadow – 3 Fieldfare calling while circling in heavy mist (FJC)

November 12th
Lea Farm Lake – 2 Stonechat along reedy ditch, 3+ Meadow Pipit along fence (FJC)
Lavell’s Lake – 300+ Starling dropping into the the reed bed to the right of Bittern hide, Many Redwing dropping into roost along the path from Bittern hide (Alan Rymer)
Sandford Lake – 127 Tufted Duck, 17 Pochard (FJC)

November 11th
Lavell’s Lake – 20+ Siskin in Alders on the Main island from Teal hide (Nick Kightley)
White Swan Lake – Chiffchaff seen with a Tit flock near the Loddon by the Wooden bridge at the south end of the lake (FJC)

November 10th
Mortimer’s Meadow – Peregrine juvenile on pylon (Dave Rimes)

November 6th
Lea Farm Lake – Green Woodpecker near Ron’s hide (Keith Boseley)

November 5th
Lea Farm Lake – Peregrine sitting in the tree south of the Waitrose hide (Steve Clarke); 20+ Siskin in tree where the River Loddon forks opposite Ron’s hide (Tim James)

November 4th
Lea Farm Lake – Common Gull on a buoy (Gray Burfoot)

November 3rd
Lavell’s Lake – Marsh Harrier landed in the reeds opposite the Bittern hide (Keith Seymour)

Marsh Harrier in flight at Lavell’s Lake – Keith Seymour

Marsh Harrier in flight at Lavell’s Lake – Keith Seymour

November 2nd
Mortimer’s Meadow – 100+ Wood Pigeon movement heading east/south east, Siskin over, 3 Linnet over, Chiffchaff still singing (Dave Rimes)

November 1st
Lavell’s Lake – 2 Raven flew towards Bittern hide but turned back over the Landfill when harassed by Crows (Richard Marsh)
Sandford Lake – Water Rail on island closest to Lin Singer’s bench on the north side (Richard Marsh)